5 minutes with our founder & co-director

Kristi Jaremus Business Manager

5 minutes with our founder & co-director

Kristi Jaremus is our co-founder with husband Tim, and an inspiration to women considering a career in Fit Outs / Construction. She’s tenacious, driven, and she’s passionate about delivering exceptional results for clients. We take 5 minutes to chat with what drives her.

R: How did you find yourself in Commercial Fit Outs?

K: I started out in reception and accounts at a Medium sized Fit Out company around 18 years ago and progressed upwards into financial controller. One of the main reasons I got the position, was that I took initiative and actually advertised myself! And also I had previous experience working in a male-dominated industry in the transport industry. It is not for the faint-hearted!

R: Would you say that it’s a female friendly space?

K: I was fortunate enough to have had a fantastic director that was happy to employ female cabinet-makers and project managers. This was very encouraging, however on a broader scale I would say it is still very male-driven. I still hit some blocks on a regular basis, but if I had let that stop me I’d still be a receptionist. It is my belief that both sexes have a lot to bring to the table and this is being seen more and more often as the newer generations push us into a new way of creating business.

R: What is it that you love about what you do?

K: I get to meet dynamic business people all the time. From our fantastic trades, who we have built a trusted relationship with, to our clients who are so relieved that they have finally found a fit out company that WANTS to create their vision and guide them along their building path. Not just get them to sign the dotted line and then get told what they are getting. You could say we build relationships not just fit outs!

R: I’m sure it can be a pretty stressful space to work in, given budget and time pressures. What makes it all worth it?

Again, for me it is the relationships. The people. Nothing can be achieved without teamwork! This company is not just Tim and I, it is our team and our clients. For myself, it’s seeing a really happy client that is grateful for helping them achieve exactly what they want.

For Tim, it’s building a vision, and seeing it come to fruition in the physical form. He is a perfectionist on our sites! Producing high quality projects is his reward.

R: What advice would you give other females considering a career in Commercial Fit Outs?

K: Take initiative. Let nothing stand in your way, especially your own self-doubts! You have something to offer that is unique and needed. Also, build a network as early as you can. This provides not only future career opportunities but also expands your reputation. Surround yourself with inspiring women AND men that are pushing the bar higher and following their passions. You become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. And I believe in you!