As a vet how do I trim the fitout cost?

Vet Reception Area

As a vet how do I trim the fitout cost?

We get this question occasionally and our first response is to downgrade some of your finishes when trimming your fitout budget.

However, by making smart choices with your countertop, flooring, cabinetry and lighting means that you don’t have to compromise on the overall finish.

Can you live with different surfaces?
Think countertops first – Most vets use a solid-surface countertop, like quartz or stone, because it wears well and looks great. But it can be expensive so maybe downgrade to laminate or stainless steel in certain spaces. We suggest using nicer materials in the reception and exam rooms, with a still-nice-but-less-expensive finish for the kennel, laundry, grooming and kitchen areas.

Flooring: What a difference!
Once again think about saving costs by laying cheaper flooring in back of house and more expensive in the high traffic areas. This could save you up to $40 per square metre.

Cabinetry: How much to hold all that stuff?
Veterinary practices are cabinet-extensive, and that can add a ton to your costs. Having a contractor who specialises in veterinary fit outs can get you pretty good pricing for your consult rooms and exam room cabinets for example. Fits In suggest you pick your materials wisely as you do not want to replace or repair cabinetry on a regular basis.

Lighting: Finding fixtures
A $120 light fixture might not sound bad, but multiply that out by many, many lights throughout your practice, and it adds up very quickly. Changing that to a more economical LED light fixture that does the same thing can save you a bundle.

Design & Construct
By understanding your budget upfront helps with initial stages of interior design. Engaging a veterinary fitout contractor who can both design your floor plan and complete your fitout can save you a lot of money. They have the knowledge and experience in sourcing the correct size and quality of building materials. For example: if you choose a stone material for your reception counter over 3 metres (or slab size) you will be charged considerably more.
The bottom line is that there are ways to cut costs if you’re willing to look carefully.
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