Choosing the right space

Choosing the right space

Deborah Monks – Veterinary Consultant

Like purchasing a new house, the search for a new practice premises is fun for the first week, but rapidly becomes yet another chore to add to the already overfull list! Here at Fits In, we’ve got some experience in finding new premises, so we thought we’d offer some perspectives, which just might save you all a bit of time!

Be Certain About Your Selection Criteria

Being very precise about the selection criteria is a good way to maximise the use of your time.  Before you even begin the search for your new premises, audit your current building. Some questions to answer include:

  • What is the work flow like?
  • Are there physical bottlenecks where staff have to wait for each other?
  • Are there process bottlenecks (for instance, do clients need to queue at the front counter)?
  • Is the carpark often full?  Are there often accidents in the car park?
  • Is the practice growing?  Do you have plans for expansion?

Understand Your Business’ Requirements
Once you have an idea of what works (and doesn’t work) in your current practice, you need to add more general considerations.  These can include:

  • Is there disabled access to the building?
  • What sort of security will need to be added?
  • Do the premises show up on google/apple maps (for client navigation purposes)?
  • Is the car park adequate, including turning circles?
  • Where will the staff park?
  • Is there access via public transport?

Understand the Regulatory Requirements 

Lastly, from a very broad perspective, you need to be aware of the regulatory requirements.  This impacts the sort of conditions that you will put upon the lease, as well as the lead in time for fit out and moving premises.

As you may be aware, we specialise in Healthcare and Veterinary Practice Fit Outs, and in this space there are a range of requirements. So you need to be fully informed across the following:

  • What zoning does the local council require for a veterinary practice?
  • How long does zoning approval take?
  • Does the zoning approval allow boarding of animals?
  • What are the Veterinary Surgeon’s Board requirements for building approval?

On a final note:

In our view, the time spent preparing and planning is never wasted. There is inevitably a period of time for which you will be paying double rent (new AND old premises), so it is sensible to have that minimised as much as possible.

Also, with preparation, you can in fact practice while we Fit Out. Which of course means that you can minimise operational down time.

At FitsIn, we can assist you in all aspects of the fit out process. Contact us today about how we can get you practicing in your new space.