Happy employees = a thriving business

Happy employees = a thriving business

In the 50’s it was traditionally known to have one dentist, one chair and an assistant. Fast forward 60 years and the norm is a 2-3 chair with a larger more diverse array of personnel.

If you want to keep abreast of the future trends, take this into consideration for your future practice – consider the generation you are employing. Without stereotyping totally, research show that most Gen-Y’s will prefer their own hours AND space! Consider their needs and what will increase their productivity and even loyalty, as it will not be uncommon for a Gen Y to change jobs over 6 times in their working life.

What does this mean from a fitout perspective? We are seeing an increase in “collaboration/relaxation spaces.” It’s no longer just the kitchen where your team want to grab the quick cup of instant coffee. We’re seeing clients asking for espresso machines, smoothie blenders, relaxing lounges and charging stations for their devices, in an attempt to keep people happy and working hard.

We’re also seeing clients asking for beautiful green plant walls and window with fresh air and plenty of light, creating a space not only have a lunchtime respite, but also a place where people can converge and communicate. Which is essential for a positive company culture. When designing, especially when working with small spaces, it can be tricky to find this balance, as it’s natural that your primary focus is to find a solution that offers most commercially. But, if your focus is too commercial, it can be at the expense of your team’s happiness and loyalty.

We say, it’s time to embrace spaces that cater for all. Yes, times, they are a-changin!

Our designers are leaders in the latest trends in the Healthcare space. Come in and meet with us over a coffee (or smoothie!) to find out how we can help you create your own unique practice, that makes your clientele, and workforce, happy little vegemites.