Health Care

World Class Health Care Facilities.

With 15+ years experience, the Fits In team understand how to design and construct the perfect practices that are desirable and highly functional. Our scope covers design, refit, retrofit and complete build.

Our Strengths

  • Dental Practices

    When it come to designing and building a dental practice that ticks all your boxes, we work to achieve...


    Whether you are looking to fitout a new practice or refurbish an existing one, the Fits in team have the skills and experience you need...


    To create a practice that is not only highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, the Fits In team work with you...

Let us help you

Storage not big enough? Not enough room around your chair? Reception desk too small? We will take the time to walk through the design with you, ensuring the space is purpose built for your needs and you don’t end up with any costly surprises at the end.

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