Veterinary Practices

New Spaces. Relocations. Renovations. We can help.

Whether you are looking to fitout a new practice or refurbish an existing one, the Fits in team have the skills and experience you need to create a welcoming, efficient and functional Veterinary Surgery.

“Meeting the team from Fits In showed there WAS a different way to
manage the fitout process, with a client-centric focus.”

From floor plans to fitouts, we provide all the options required to bring your practice to life. Our project managers ensure the fitout is completed as efficiently as possible without compromising our signature quality finish – this is the hallmark of a Fits In fitout.

Both Tim, our Director and our designers will be involved from the beginning in familiarising themselves with not only your practice requirements, but also you!
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Your business is your creation, we completely understand that, and because of this, we want to ensure we can bring your ideas to life, not just short term but for years to come in accordance with your business needs and growth.

As a service not offered by our competitors, our Vet clients can choose a 1 hour consultation with highly reputable practicing Veterinarian – Deborah Monks. Deborah has been a vet for over 20 years, including working abroad.
Her experience in building a new Vet practice based in Brisbane gained her valuable insight into the do’s and dont’s during the critical design stage.

The information and details gathered during this consultation is invaluable to creating the perfect practice for YOU!

We are also known for our ability to renovate a practice WHILST you trade.

Fits In recently added a 100m2 extension to an existing practice in a very busy Brisbane suburb.

Downtime wasn’t an option, so Tim created a program that allowed the practice to still operate, including full surgery function.  The extension was completed, with a full renovation to the existing building being completed also.  The result?  An extremely happy client. Read more about the project here.

So what does this Vet design consult entail?

Your needs are so varied depending on your clientele, location and tenancy space. A 1 hour consultation with our Design Consultant – Deborah Monks, can provide invaluable clarity to both the proposed design and future considerations of your practice.  Fits in introduced this service to further support our Vet client’s in achieving their vision of their ideal practice.

Our consultation is a great chance to workshop your practice needs, with somebody that has been in your situation.

The aim is to drill down on the specific requirements of your practice, so that your new premises are not only beautiful, but increase practice functionality and efficiency.

To that end, the major topics that you will cover are:

  • The workflow of your practice – where are the bottlenecks? Where are the less utilised areas?
  • Do you have enough storage for stock, including merchandise and cages?
  • What are the client focused areas, and what are you wanting to project?
  • What are the staff focused areas and what do they require?
  • Are you planning on growing/expanding? If so, are you going to do that on this site?
  • Are you interested in adding any additional non-veterinary services?

Deborah brings a lateral and questioning approach to discussions about form and function, which will assist you in honing your vision of your new premises.

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Dr Deborah Monks Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service

Deborah Monks

Veterinarian and Vet Design Consultant

In the veterinary industry for more than 20 years, Deborah has worked in a number of practices before starting her own business some 11 years ago.

Since that time, it has grown to a 4 full-time veterinarian practice, which has necessitated various structural changes within the pre-existing premises at Macgregor. It eventually became apparent that the practice required more space than was available, and that the existing building was inhibiting productivity and growth, so in 2015 her avian and exotic practice moved premises to Greenslopes. That experience led her to question the way that the construction industry handles veterinary fitouts . Meeting the team from Fits in (unfortunately some time AFTER that process), showed that there WAS a different way to manage the fitout process, with a client-centric focus, and thus began her collaboration with them.

If you are interested in a commercial fitout or have any questions, get in touch!