What are your preliminary costs?

What are your preliminary costs?

Often when discussing with clients the costs prior to even starting the build, there is a baffled response to this section on the quote labelled: Preliminaries.

We’re often asked: “What are these preliminary costs?” Or, “Why are these preliminary costs here? I haven’t seen this sort of costs mentioned on other quotes before.”

We’re glad you asked! Preliminary costs include the following:

  • Design fees: Concept stage, allowable changes by client, Preliminary plans, Construction plans to be submitted to local authorities.
  • Building Approval Fees
  • Plumbing Fees
  • Qleave Levy
  • Engineers Fees: Hydraulic (plumbing), electrical, structural (if required).

Basically, there’s a few items that are entirely necessary to get the project off the ground…. So to speak.

What’s included in your quote will depend on your specific Fit Out project requirements. Some jobs won’t need building approval fees included. Others will. Some won’t have engineers fees associated. Others will. Our job is to determine what’s required on site, before we start ‘doing’ your Fit Out.

You may not have seen these included in other quotes, as a lot of ther Fit Out companies lump them in to the overall costs, which in our experience can actually be detrimental to the true cost of the project. We like to be clear from the start as to what’s involved. It benefits our clients, and it benefits us. It gives everyone involved the fullest possible picture of the task ahead, and the allocations of expenses, before we get started. Being completely upfront and transparent is crucial to building our client’s trust AND focusing on delivering a quality result.

In fact, being clear from the start is fundamental to our approach. Both in terms of the brief, the designs, and our project management approach.

And as a result, we deliver projects on time and on budget for our clients. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. And this couldn’t be truer in our profession.

Considering a Fit Out and want an honest, realistic appraisal on what’s involved? Contact us today!